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Authority Application Form

Application for authority to employ children in NSW

Are you a tertiary student?
Student Details
Employer Details
Has the employer held any Authority in the past?* - required
Authority Type
Type of authority requested

Applications for multiple weeks will be accepted on the condition that the weeks are consecutive.
Fee calculation: 1 week fee multiplied by quantity

NB: Your requested start date must be on or before any paid preparatory activity for any employed child, such as (but not limited to), rehearsals, wardrobe fittings, the making of sound recordings, publicity activities, makeup checks, and production dates.

From 1 July 2021, refunds will not be issued for authority application fees. When applying, select the type and duration of your authority with care and make sure that your organisation does not already hold a valid certificate.


This is a legal document and declaration

I declare that I am a Director or a Trustee of the above named company/trust, or I am applying as a sole trader or I am a student currently enrolled in a tertiary course. I understand that:

  • authorised employers must comply with the Children's Guardian Act 2019 (the Act) and the Children's Guardian Regulation 2022 (the Regulation)

  • conditions will be attached to the Authority in accordance with section 97 of the Act

  • authorised employers are not permitted to employ babies under 12 weeks of age unless the Children’s Guardian has given specific written approval to do so in accordance with clause 22 (1) of the Code of Practice (Schedule 6 of the Regulation)

  • I must notify the Children’s Guardian if the name or address of the above named employer changes

  • if I am making this declaration on behalf of a company or trust, I must notify the Children’s Guardian if I cease to have authority to represent the directors or trustees, and giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.

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Payment Details
ABN: 43304920597
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