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Terms and conditions

The Office of the Children’s Guardian has developed this training platform to help you learn how to make organisations safe for kids.

This is one of the legislative functions of the Children’s Guardian. The Children’s Guardian has other legislative functions which are outlined in the Children’s Guardian Act 2019.

Helping people to make organisations safe for children means using a range of available tools to build safe systems and practices. 

Why am I being asked to fill out this consent?

When we deliver training sessions we collect some personal information from you. This includes your name, contact details, and your employer’s name and contact email. 

Like most agencies, we are restricted in how we can use your personal information unless you consent. 

That's why we tell you what information is collected and that when you do this training we also use it to undertake the Children’s Guardian’s related function of monitoring and auditing compliance with the WWCC scheme, another important tool for organisations to keep children safe.

This means that, in addition to using your details to let you know about training events, we will also use your information to:

  • Let your employer know that you have completed this training.
  • Check that you and your employer have done everything you need to under WWCC laws and advise them if they haven’t.

By clicking on the button below you agree to let us use your personal information in the ways identified above. Your personal information will be kept securely on our site which is hosted by Elcom. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at ocg@ocg.nsw.gov.au

If you do not want your information used in this way, you can attend one of our webinars or face-to-face training sessions instead.

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